Raffles Guru – Terms and conditions

Subscription of courses

  1. Any subscribed course is meant to be for that academic year only. The subscription ends on 31 December of the subscribed year.
  2. The content is meant to be consumed online, and is not available offline. The content is not downloadable or printable.
  3. You are accepting to consume the content as it is at the time of purchase. Adding additional content is subject to availability.
  4. Before making a decision to purchase, you should go through the sample lessons to understand the nature and coverage the subject. Please purchase only if it meets your requirement.
  5. Please check whether the courses work on your device before making the purchase. Raffles Guru is not responsible for any device related issues.
  6. Due to the nature of the E-Learning content, no refund will be provided and no cancellation of subscription is allowed once the payment is made.
  7. Support is available only through the Contact form and email. No phone support is available.

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